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, pianist and child prodigy February 10 Rio Suzuki, Japanese actress and tarento February 21 Hong Hwa-ri, South Korean actress. 1926 ) July 6 July 9 Kevin Hagen, American actor (b. Retrieved October 15, 2009. Malik, Tariq; de Selding, Peter (January 14, 2005). "French court clears weekly in Mohammad cartoon row".

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tantra massage finland gay chat suomi 1973 ) August 12 Lakshman Kadirgamar, foreign minister of Sri Lanka (b. 1920 ) November 11 November 13 Eddie Guerrero, Mexican-American professional wrestler (b. 1967 ) November 16 Henry Taube, Canadian-American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. "London bombings: Police updates". 22 July 23 A series of bombings hit the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, killing over 80 people.
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"Outraged Bush turns up heat on Damascus after bomb". Hänsch Physiology or Medicine Robin Warren, and Barry Marshall New English words and terms edit didymo functional calculus glamping locavore microblogging pre-exposure prophylaxis ransomware rock snot sexting truther vodcast 47 See also edit References edit Hamilton, Calvin. 1915 ) August 19 August 31 Joseph Rotblat, Polish-British physicist (b. "Toll from Uzbekistan violence disputed". 1915 ) April 6 Rainier III, Prince of Monaco (b. 1948 ) November 2 Ferruccio Valcareggi, Italian football player and manager (b. Parfitt, Tom (August 18, 2005). 40 November 22 Angela Merkel assumes office as the first female Chancellor of Germany. 1960 ) Brother Roger, Swiss monastic and founder of the Taizé Community (b. Hall, and Theodor. 1932 ) November 25 November 28 Tony Meehan, English drummer ( The Shadows ) (b. 1946 ) August 7 Peter Jennings, Canadian-American news anchor (b. Retrieved October 23, 2009. 1944 ) February 17 February 20 February 22 Simone Simon, French actress (b. August 16 West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 crashes into a mountain in Venezuela, killing 160 passengers and crew. "Countries support Anti-Secession Law". 1946 ) December 23 Yao Wenyuan, Chinese politician (b. "April 9, 2005: Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker-Bowles at Windsor's Guildhall". "Solar Sail Spacecraft Launch Fails". "Jordan 'not afraid' after bombs". 1923 ) December 10 Richard Pryor, American comedian (b. 1941 ) July 31 Wim Duisenberg, Dutch politician (b. Retrieved July 3, 2016. Tml "Caution over HIV 'cure' claims". Retrieved November suomi porno sivut oulu tallinna 9, 2009. 1908 ) April 24 Ezer Weizman, 7th President of Israel (b. Frankel, Glenn (July 29, 2005). Aumann, and Thomas Schelling Literature Harold Pinter Peace Mohamed ElBaradei Physics Roy. 28 August 31 A stampede at the Al-Aaimmah bridge in Baghdad, Iraq, kills 953 Shia Muslim pilgrims who were celebrating a religious festival. 1905 ) February 3 February 4 Ossie Davis, American actor (b. 1914 ) September 18 Michael Park, English Rally driver (b. "2005: Merkel becomes German chancellor". 1916 ) September 14 Robert Wise, American film director (b. 1923 ) October edit Main article: Deaths in October 2005 November edit Main article: Deaths in November 2005 November 1 Michael Piller, American screenwriter and producer (b. 1917 ) February 5 Gnassingbé Eyadéma, 3rd President of Togo (b. Howell, Elizabeth (January 26, 2015). 1908 ) September edit Main article: Deaths in September 2005 September.L. "Airbus A380 Completes First Flight". 1921 ) August 6 Robin Cook, British politician (b. Burnside, American blues singer (b. 1931 ) December 25 Birgit Nilsson, Swedish soprano (b. "IRA Says It Will Abandon Violence". 18 July edit July 2 Live 8, a set of 10 simultaneous concerts, takes place throughout the world, raising interest in the Make Poverty History campaign. 29 September edit October edit November edit November 9 At least 60 people are killed and 115 more are wounded in a series of coordinated suicide bombings in Amman, Jordan. 26 August 18 Peace Mission 2005, the first joint ChinaRussia military exercise, begins its eight-day training on the Shandong Peninsula. tantra massage finland gay chat suomi

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