Where to find s matkaseuraa vailla

where to find s matkaseuraa vailla

in the midst of all the cold. It was the hottest day of the whole summer so far and we happened to be in the hottest place in all of Finland that day, surprisingly enough. There was an old Lappish man walking down the main road and a couple people at the hotel restaurant terrace, where we too sat for a beer and a sparkly water (beer for Husband, water for me) and a bowl of water for the dogs. Not much there, obviously, apart from the scattered houses, but we did find a nice swamp with a whole lot of cloudberries. The church, quite typically, is on a little hill, up a dirt road from the village main habitation. Later on I learned that there have been documentaries and articles in magazines and whatnot about her too, but I got really interested in her books and Purnumukka, especially since it was only about 25km from where we were staying. We had a slightly longer stop there at the Santa Clause land at the Arctic Circle, but that wasnt really my kind of place. Nothing really special about Kuttura, in fact I told Husband that were probably suffering the 40km of poor dirt road just to see nothing. There were a few boats in dock (many people haul their boats to Lake Inari for some boating and camping) and some mild car traffic, and the hotel was open despite the construction work being done to expand it by 50(!) during this summer time.

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This time we made a round in the holiday village I had no idea that the place was so big and so packed with hotels! I tried to visit a souvenir shop to see if I could find one of those books by Lehvonen, but the place was closed. It was good to be home again. I love places with stories! Along the way down to Kuttura (and back) there is a place, the Gold Kiosk, where there was a gold panning contest going. They were just rocks.

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Striptease tallinna tissi hieronta Legend has it that Kekkonen had asked the village people if there was something theyd like him to do for them, and they had asked him for a road back then the only way to the place was via the river or just wilderness. There was a lake on the other side of the road from our cabin, but we didnt venture there for a swim. Nellim is a remote village of less than 200 inhabitants, 40km from Ivalo (so by distance, not that remote, but in all other ways, definately 7km from the Russian border.
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We had planned a sauna for the evening and there was packing to do in order to be able to get out of the cabin by noon the next day and so on, so no long drives. We picked some cloudberries there. Mainly because I had scouted it out and discovered all the vegetation one would have to walk through to go for a swim. A gathering of the super-rednecks of the country, Id say. In Nellim we had been talking with another couple with a bigger dog in tow there on that hotel terrace, and they had told us about this woman reindeer slaughterer who lives in Purnumukka and has written a couple of books too. Currently there is no proper road anymore between Nellim and Norway, but one has been debated over for 25 years.

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The road is almost like it was drawn with a ruler. The rocks there are either red with rusty iron ore or dirty yellow like porcinis. One being the said road. A very pretty log church it was too. Winter being the main tourist season, Nellim was rather quiet the day we visited. I had seen the picture of their orthodox church in the article where I first read about Nellim, so I knew it was there and wanted to go see it for myself. Sauna in the summer time, um, let me rephrase that: sauna on hot summer evenings is a different kind of pleasure, when you have good löyly first, then come out to the still warm summer evening, sit. I would have liked to walk there it was only a kilometer or so from where we had parked our car but the day was so hot that we opted for our air conditioned car instead. Apart from the obvious tending to reindeer and slaughtering them, she takes photographs that are made into postcards and sold in the souvenir shops of Lapland, and she sells condoms called Aslakin rykimäsukka, with a picture of mating reindeer on the package. Next Monday its back to work again. She then got married and they decided to swap money to freedom, as she puts it, and they moved to Purnumukka to a house with no running water, to begin with. I actually saw them there in Kuukkeli and was snickering because I found the idea so funky, before I knew they were a product of Lehvonens (well, made by a Helsink i company, but sold by her, and the picture is hers). Theres plenty of old gold mines and there still are places where gold is actually panned for somewhat actively. And she is happy with her life now, after a whole lot of hardships, that I have not yet read about; I have only started the book about her life. Instead of exploring the grounds of the UK National Park close to us, we drove up to Nellim one day and visited Purnumukka and Kuttura on our last full day in Vuotso. I immeadiately started reading the book, right there in the car on our way back to the cabin and I immediately knew I liked this Lehvonen. Our plants had grown like hell during our week away. The next morning it was time to pack the car and head back south. At least for the amusement of tourists and maybe locals themselves too. A pittoresque little road winds through fells and Lake Inari fjords from Ivalo to Nellim. Now, finally in June that money has been granted to the village. The other thing that had caught my attention was the story of Urho Kekkonen stopping there at Kuttura on one of his skiing escapades in the 1950. We had originally planned to stay overnight at Kempele again, but before we reached Rovaniemi the plan was revised, and I canceled our reservation as we decided to make it all the way home that same day. About 2/3 of it is unpaved gravel road, but it was in a rather good shape. That day there was hot. It was midnight when we got home, after 1030km and 13h of driving. And the warm weathers followed us from Lapland, and it is finally sunny and hot here in Helsinki too. According to the village info map (yes, even this little place has one) there are some remnants of wwii right there by the road, but we didnt manage to see them. I am sure one of the reasons for this is nothing less than the Wilderness Hotel, which is the second thing putting Nellim on the world map. So on that Saturday we first drove to Purnumukka, a village of about 20 people, the village of Riitta Lehvonen, the first ever woman to have pursued the profession of a reindeer breeder and slaughterer. Husband was in need of some smokes so we drove up to Saariselkä for one last time. We drove out of Purnumukka and north a bit and then turned to go to the little village of Kuttura. We ended up driving about 2000km during our week in Lapland. Not that we looked too hard, only from the car window. where to find s matkaseuraa vailla

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